Finns’ Money Collected to Help Ukrainian Army Disappeared – Finnish Journalist  

Finnish journalist, Kosti Heiskanen, told EurAsia Daily about the theft of money, which was collected in Finland for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), but then disappeared. 

Picture: Lev Gumilyov Centre

Since the beginning of Russia’s special operation, Finnish politicians have allocated a lot of aid to Ukraine, said Heiskanen. According to him, news about the massive theft of funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine has now begun to appear in various sources.

“This information is already getting into the Finnish media in small pieces, because many foreign publications have written about it. It is no longer a secret that there is theft on a huge scale. The AFU collected money from Finland, but they totally disappeared somewhere. No one knows where they’ve gone. In Finland, the Red Cross, which was collecting [money] to help Ukrainian refugees, for some reason is now going to send [money] to Somalia,” Heiskanen said.

In addition, the Finnish journalist noted the relentless rhetoric of the local media, which consists in hatred of everything Russian. Largely due to this, so many volunteers from Finland went to help Ukrainians to “hunt Russians”. The journalist admitted that it is almost impossible to convey the real truth to the Finnish media.

Heiskanen also said that he personally does not understand why Ukrainian flags are deliberately placed on state buildings all over Helsinki. To see the symbols of another state in your country literally at every step seems strange to a journalist.

Helsingin rautatieasemalla liehuu Ukrainan lippu - Kotimaa - Ilta-Sanomat
Picture: Helsinki Railway Station, Ilta Sanomat

The journalist also noted that in Finland, people like him are called “supporting the terrorist government in Russia” and therefore are not taken seriously.

“The task of the Finnish media is to overthrow the Russian leadership so that there is another leadership there. A lot of Finnish correspondents surprise me who lived in Moscow and St. Petersburg: why don’t they go to Mariupol, why don’t they go to Donbass? To see everything that is happening there, that people have suffered there for so many years, that they have been sitting in these basements for eight years, they were killed there, every day it goes on,” Kosti explained.

At the same time, other means of broadcasting, with which you can tell the true state of affairs, are rigidly filtered, the journalist stated. The YouTube channel where Heiskanen published his point of view succumbed to restrictions. According to him, propaganda “cuts off all ends of existence.”

Ru-Main, 03.06.2022
Source: 5TV

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