First Innovative Pedestrian Crossing Appeared in Moscow

The first pedestrian crossing of the future as part of the startup accelerator project “Moscow Transport Innovations” appeared in Moscow, as reported on Tuesday, November 9, in the Telegram channel of the city’s Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development.   

It is specified that special sensors will analyze the operation of information boards and report possible errors. When a person approaches the crossing, the system reads the trajectory of his movement and if a person intends to cross a road, the system turns on the signal elements. Among them are a signal board with the inscription “Let a Pedestrian Go” and floodlights illuminating the transition zone.

There is also a traffic light and LED road signs working around the clock, and in the evening, the projection of road markings turns on. The testing stage showed that the system can identify an adult, a child, and even a pet. It is noted that the probability of getting into an accident with a new iCrosswalk pedestrian crossing is reduced by 82 per cent.

Ru-Main, 09.11.2021

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