First McDonald’s is Opened in Moscow Branch of Sberbank

In Moscow, the first branch of Sberbank, combined with McDonald’s, was opened near the Novoslobodskaya metro station, Vedomosti reports. The bank plans to attract more customers and deal with an attendance drop. 

Picture: Vedomosti News Source

In the McCafe zone that is located in the Sberbank branch, a client can make an order from the McDonald’s standard menu. In this way, Sberbank hopes to attract more customers. Delivery can be ordered not only to the branch of Sberbank but also to any other address. No food is cooked in the very department, and delivery is handled by the Delivery Club, co-owned by Sberbank through a joint venture with Mail.Ru Group.

Besides, McDonald’s will adjust the menu depending on the weather in Russia. A chain of fast-food restaurants in 2020 will begin using artificial intelligence to create a menu depending on the Russian weather, reports Prime. McDonald’s CEO in Russia Mark Karen said that a new service will be launched in Russia next year.

Ru-Main, 24.12.2019

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