First Overpass With Elevators and Escalators in Rostov

The Investment Council of Rostov approved the project for an elevated passage. This will be the first crossing in the city equipped with escalators and elevators. The construction will work around the clock, investor representative Andranik Danelyan told, reports 1rnd

Picture: Rostov Regional Website

Public transport stops are located in close proximity to the crossing, which allows passengers to cross Cosmonauts Avenue. According to Danelyan, 90% of the surveyed residents of the region supported the idea of ​​an elevated passage.

Today, according to the representative of the State traffic inspectorate, the surface pedestrian crossing is collecting traffic jams. Not every pedestrian manages to cross the avenue in 22 seconds allotted for the traffic light. That is why there is a high need in the new passage.

Ru-Main, 15.02.2020

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