First Russian Mariquantum Launched in Sevastopol

A unique direction of additional education “Mariquantum” for schoolchildren and students was opened on the basis of the Sevastopol “Quantorium”. In the free classes, children can study the state of water bodies and coastal areas using professional probes and getting acquainted with marine robotics, RIA News reported.  

Picture: Sevastopol Quantorium VK-Page

The name of the project consists of two parts, of which “mari” is taken from “marinet”, that is an intelligent system for managing sea transport and technologies for the development of the World Ocean, and directions in the network of children’s technoparks are called “quantum”.

On the territory of the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas, training is underway according to the ecological programme, where there are also test areas with practical classes. It is noted that local yacht clubs willingly participate in the provision of playgrounds for children free of charge so that the young scientists launch underwater vehicles and test the assembled installations.

It is specified that the training programme was developed not only for Sevastopol but for the whole of Russia, therefore it includes not only shipbuilding but also aquaculture and ecology. Thus, the Mariquantum curriculum can be scaled up in any region, and each children’s technopark will be able to launch its courses at the prepared base.

Currently, an intensive “Aquadrive” is taking place in Sevastopol, where young people learn to operate models of racing ships, compete in races on radio-controlled boats, and get acquainted with the basics of underwater robotics.

Ru-Main, 24.07.2020

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