First Sakura Blossomed in Moscow

The first sakura blossomed at the Spring Flower Festival in the Moscow State University Botanical Garden “Apothecary Garden”, TASS reports with reference to the garden’s press service. 

It is specified that the tree that blossomed in Moscow is the Sargent cherry, or Sakhalin cherry (Prunus sargentii), with delicate pink flowers. So, now it will be possible to see the legendary tree near the Subtropical greenhouse in the botanical garden, next to the small bird cherry. It is also expected that in the coming days the real sakura from Japan will bloom in the Garden of Fruit Trees, fine-sawed cherry varieties of Chishima brought directly from the slopes of Mount Fuji. Such a gift to the garden was made by Tokyo in 2010. Other sakura trees are found in the Garden with Apple Trees, Apricots, Almonds, and Cherries, as well as in the Far East Garden.

Ru-Main, 27.04.2021 

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