First Serviceman Sent to Front Under Partial Mobilization Awarded Medal ‘For Courage’

In the Tyumen region, in the center for training and education of citizens called up under a partial mobilization, the awarding of the first serviceman who has received a state award of the Russian Federation took place. 

Picture: MirTesen

For the courage, bravery and dedication shown in the performance of military duty, the serviceman was awarded the medal “For Courage” by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation.

The award on the parade ground of the center was presented to him by the head of the Tyumen Higher Military Engineering Command School, Major General Dmitry Evmenenko.

“It is very pleasant that Siberians receive state awards, it is pleasant to present them. This is a big event for us, because the fighters’ motivation increases, a fighting spirit rises,” the Major General said.

It is clarified that previously a resident of Yamal performed combat missions in the zone of a special military operation in the ranks of volunteer detachments, but currently he is called up as part of partial mobilization, where additional training takes place on the basis of the training center, so he can share his experience with comrades.

Ru-Main, 28.10.2022
Source: Russia’s Defence Ministry 

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