First Time: Forbes Compiled Rating of Top Russian Wines 2021

Dry red wines “Sikory” from the Krasnodar Territory, as well as “Esse” and Wine Club “Belbek” from Crimea topped the Forbes magazine’s rating of the best wines of Russia in 2021 compiled for the first time in the magazine’s history (the final rating includes 100 different wines, with no more than five samples from one manufacturer).   

It is specified, only wines of the youngest harvest from among those released for sale with a minimum output of at least 900 bottles were allowed to participate in the rating. The drinks were assessed by the formed expert council, the honorary chairman of which was the Doctor of Sciences, Deputy Director for Scientific Work of the Institute of Brewing, Non-Alcoholic and Wine Industry of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Panasyuk.

As for the evaluation procedure, at first, the experts tasted the wines “blindly”. Tastings were conducted according to the “English” model, which means that experts could communicate with each other during the organoleptic analysis of samples. When creating the rating, accessibility for the consumer was also taken into account, according to which the wines that reached the final were divided into eight groups by price and volume of output.

The experts of the rating also took into account the brand awareness and marketing activity of the winery, the quality of distribution, the reputation of a producer, his contribution to the promotion of wine culture, awards at international competitions, as well as communication with the professional community.

Ru-Main, 14.12.2021
Source: Forbes 

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