First Time Yekaterinburg Residents Visited Airfield With War Aircraft

Residents of Yekaterinburg were able to visit the Koltsovo military airfield for the first time where aeroplanes and helicopters used on May 9 in the air part of the city Victory Parade were demonstrated, TASS reports. 

Picture: TASS

“By the decision of the command of the Central Military District, for the first time, the entrance to the military territory of Koltsovo was opened for all residents. Citizens can enter the aircraft cabin, sit at the controls, take pictures. Many for the first time see military aviation not in the sky during the parade, but in open access,” the press service of the military district reports.

It is specified that An-12 and An-26 transport aircraft, Tu-134 passenger aircraft, Il-18 turboprop passenger Il-18, Tu-154 passenger jet, L-410 short-haul aircraft, Mi-8 transport and combat helicopters and a combat attack helicopter were presented at the airport. Also on display were technical support vehicles, tankers and airfield launchers.

For visitors, a field kitchen was deployed on the territory of the airfield, songs of the war years were played. Military pilots were on duty near each plane who introduced the guests to the tactical and technical characteristics of aircraft. According to the press service of the military district, about 30 thousand people took advantage of the opportunity to inspect the aircraft.

Ru-Main, 12.05.2021 

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