Flowers for Siberia and Far East Grown in Novosibirsk

Dutch roses in Siberian conditions began to be grown in the village of Tolmachevo near Novosibirsk. More recently, the buds have blossomed on 2 hectares of former cucumber greenhouses. By 2022, producers plan to reach a capacity of 7 million flowers per year, reports.  

Picture: Novosibirsk Regional Website

More than 171 thousand Dutch roses of five colours grow in the greenhouse of the Tolmachevo village. It is noted that only 15 per cent of flowers are produced in Russia, and the rest 85 per cent are imported from abroad. The investments in production amounted to 177 million rubles. The whole process from planting to bud takes 50-55 days. The height of the rose varies depending on the opening of the bud.

Ru-Main, 20.12.2020

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