Fool’s Day in Russia: Never Joke Like This

According to the data provided by the specialists of the job search service, jokes on the topic of terrorism are the most inappropriate in the modern world (almost a third of Russian residents think so), reports. Also, 18 per cent of respondents consider indecent jokes about religion and another 14 per cent would never accept jokes about children, parents, and close relatives.  

“An April Fool’s joke should not violate a person’s personal boundaries, humiliate one’s dignity, in any way discredit, make a fool,” the psychologist, Anna Ermolaeva, advised.

Even though psychologists advise joking kindly, they still recommend refusing jokes with unexpected joyful news, because they lead to the effect of unjustified expectations, the psychologist Yulia Kochetova believes. However, according to sociologists, four out of five Russians feel well about jokes addressed to them and are quite capable of “laughing at themselves”.

The most harmless thing about which you can joke evil on April 1 in Russia is the shutdown of the water, said one of the respondents. In a series of ridiculous jokes, a cat that fell from the balcony: pranksters imitate the fall of a pet from a height, having previously made a model of it looking quite alike.

Tea in a bottle with cognac, peas in shoes, or salt in a box with sugar are considered to be good jokes on April 1 in Russia, as these ones will not harm anyone, according to Russians who took part in the survey. But those who joke about an unplanned pregnancy, breakup or death are advised to visit a doctor.

Ru-Main, 01.04.2021 

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