Forbes Compiled Richest Russian Celebrities Rating

Russian singer, Sergei Shnurov, became the star with the highest earnings for this year (about $8.8 million). Other singers, Egor Kreed and Dima Bilan, took the second and third places respectively, with the earnings between $6.9 million and $6.8 million.  

The top 5 also included the rapper Vasily Vakulenko, aka Basta ($6.6 million), the singers Filipp Kirkorov ($6.6 million), and Polina Gagarina ($6.4 million). It is specified that the incomes of Russian stars were affected by restrictions related to the prevention of coronavirus infection. According to analysts, if not for a month and a half of the self-isolation mode, the stars of the rating would have earned by 12.5 per cent more.

Ru-Main, 03.08.2020 

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