Forbes Published Rating of Russia’s Largest Landowners

According to the Fobes rating, “Agrocomplex” named after N. I. Tkachev took the first place in the ranking of the largest landowners in Russia, as well as last year. 

It is noted that the value of land owned by the largest landowners increased over the year from 617.3 billion rubles to 933 billion rubles, their total area is 8.5 million hectares. Only land owned and long-term leased were allowed to participate in the rating. The final rating includes the 20 largest landowners in Russia:

Picture: Rating indicates land area and value; Forbes

The lands of “Agrocomplex” named after N. I. Tkachev with an area of 660 thousand hectares are located in the Krasnodar Territory, Adygea, Stavropol Territory, and Rostov Region. The Agrocomplex company includes more than 60 enterprises that are engaged in crop and feed production, meat and dairy farming, gardening, and processing of agricultural products. The value of the company’s land holdings amounted to 152.1 billion rubles.

The Prodimex company (94.3 billion rubles), the largest producer of white sugar in Russia, remained in the second position, as it was last year. Miratorg (the largest vertically integrated agricultural holding in Russia that offers a full cycle from the production of feed and animal rearing to meat processing and sale of finished products) took the third place again (77.1 billion rubles).

The top five of the rating also includes Step (one of the largest agricultural companies in the south of Russia that unites a number of promising agricultural enterprises) and Concern Pokrovsky (agribusiness, sugar, electrical equipment, real estate, and investments).

The top ten is closed by Rusagro (one of the largest sugar producers in Russia), Avangard-Agro (crop and malt production), EkoNiva (in terms of milk production, it ranks third in the world, first in Europe and in Russia), Volgo-Don AgroInvest (cultivation, storage and sale of grain), and Resurs (poultry farming).

Ru-Main, 31.03.2022
Source: TASS

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