Forbes Ranked Russian YouTube Bloggers by Ad Revenue

The LABELCOM YouTube channel topped Forbes‘ first ranking of Russian bloggers with the highest ad revenues ($3.55 million). The leadership was gained for the “What Happened Next?” show, in which comedians listen to the story of an invited guest, and then try to guess how it ended. 

Picture: Internet Trends Website

The second place was taken by Valentin Petukhov, a techno blogger, with the Wylsacom YouTube channel ($3.41 million). The third place is occupied by the Chicken Curry channel ($ 1.13 million). The most famous show on the channel is “Comment Out”, in which two contestants chose either to write a risky comment on a popular person’s Instagram-page, or to get a punishment. The fourth and fifth places in the rating took journalist Yury Dud ($980,000) and actor Anton Lapenko ($980,000), respectively.

The top 10 also included the “Edition” channel ($920 thousand), Dima Gordey ($850,000), Ksenia Sobchak ($840,000), Dima Maslennikov ($780,000), and AcademeG ($660 thousand). It is specified that the data was analyzed for the period from September 1, 2019, to August 31, 2020. Experts counted only gross ad revenue, excluding content creation costs. They also did not take into account income from monetization and donations.

Ru-Main, 28.10.2020 

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