-40 Degrees: Critical Mark on Novosibirsk Thermometers

Severe frosts await Novosibirsk on the eve of the New Year holidays. Cold weather stronger than the climatic norm is promised by weather forecasters in the last days of December 2019. 

Frost of 30 and below degrees Celsius promise various weather forecasting services to Novosibirsk. The most pessimistic are the data on the “Well and the weather” portal. The night temperature will fall starting from December 23, reaching a minimum of 46-47 degrees below zero on December 26-28. Daytime temperatures these days will range from 26 to 35 degrees Celsius. Separate bursts of cold, when the thermometer drops to 30 degrees, are also predicted in the second decade. On average, daytime temperatures in the first and second decades will fluctuate around 16-18 degrees.

The experts promise to lower night temperatures to 30 or more degrees below zero, are also in agreement with colleagues. A similar temperature is predicted in the early days of the month. On other days, the daily temperature, according to the site, is expected to be comfortable – 10-12 degrees of frost against the background of frequent snowfalls.

According to other experts, in December six days with precipitation await us, but almost the rest of the time the sky will be cloudy. Weather forecasters predict only one sunny day per month and the absence of abnormal frosts. On average, the thermometer will fluctuate between 13-15 degrees.

The official source of the Hydrometeorological Center can predict the weather only seven days in advance. A more accurate forecast with a probability of 95-98% weather forecasters can give only three days. They should come true with a probability of 85–96%, that is, almost always with rare exceptions. But weekly and ten-day forecasts are a much more vague concept. They, as a rule, correspond to reality by 60–70%. This is the official graduation established by the World Meteorological Organization.

Ru-Main, 21.11.2019 

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