Forgotten Things from USSR Presented at Novosibirsk Exhibition

Legendary things are presented in the museum of the USSR, VN.RU reports. According to the guide, in the USSR, everything performed not only its function but was also a reliable assistant to the Soviet people, according to the principle “old friends are best”. 

Some things were so reliable that it is difficult to replace them with analogues. For example, to speed up the process of modelling dumplings, a special tool was used, a “metal dumplinger”, which looked like honeycombs. A rolled sheet of dough was placed on the tool, minced meat was put in the holes, another sheet covered meet, and immediately about 50 dumplings are ready.

The milk catcher is a device that was placed at the bottom of the saucepan, and its knock on the pan prevented the situation of escaped milk with a loud noise.

The washing machine was quite difficult to operate with. Dirty clothes were rubbed on a board with a ribbed surface with laundry soap. Then, the linen was boiled, mixed with the help of special wooden tongs, shifted, and removed.

Now resellers are hunting for cup holders, Christmas decorations, dishes, or postcards. Some Christmas tree decorations of the 50s cost from 50,000 to 100,000 rubles and the USSR-East wristwatch is about 300,000 rubles.

Ru-Main, 20.02.2020, Pictures: Novosibirsk Regional Website 

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