Free Cancer Screening Programme to Be Launched in Moscow Soon

A programme for the early diagnosis of the most common types of oncological diseases will start in Moscow on July 30. Cancer screening will be available in 66 polyclinics of the city until the end of August 2020, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reported.   

Picture: Moscow Mayor Official Website

According to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development, Anastasia Rakova, the most important thing for the successful treatment of such diseases is the early identification of pathologies. Currently, they are launching a special programme for free diagnostics of the most common types of oncology in 66 city polyclinics.

It is noted that the programme will allow diagnosing the prerequisites for the most common oncological diseases. The results of oncological screening can be viewed in the electronic medical record on If necessary, a doctor will contact a patient and send him for further diagnostics.

Ru-Main, 29.07.2020

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