Fresh Products from Tatarstan Farmers

For many years, traditional agricultural fairs have been held in large cities of Tatarstan. This year, one can buy potatoes, carrots and other goods from farmers at 15 fairgrounds. 

Fairs are held every Saturday from September to December. According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Tatarstan, entrepreneurs and farmers from 25 districts come to Kazan fairs. Agrarians of 11 districts of Tatarstan hold fairs in their municipalities.

Following the results of the past 10 agricultural fairs, it was sold for 659.1 million rubles. Tatarstan people are most likely to buy bread and confectionery (10.6 million rubles), dairy products (16.2 million rubles), potatoes (6.9 million rubles) and grain (3.3 million rubles). Prices are relatively low because direct deliveries of products from farmers go without resellers.

“We organize fairs at three venues – Pobeda Avenue, Fuchik and Lomzhinskaya Streets,” says the head of the Central cooperative, Raila Ibragimova.

In addition to the good price, people at fairs are attracted by the opportunity to bargain with the seller, chat, discuss popular news, which, of course, cannot be found in hypermarkets and shops. At the same time, sellers are finding a way out. They specially equip cars, trucks to trade from there.

Most fairgrounds arose because farmers did not have a place in the cities where they could sell their products. The city officials provided them with such areas and took part in the transportation costs from the districts. In exchange, prices for some products are holding back. To keep the organization of fairs at a high level, each week the responsible heads of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food inspect the sites and monitor farmers’ work.

The nearest fairs in Kazan will be held on November 23.

Ru-Main, 19.11.2019 

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