Gastronomic Project in Urals

Chefs from several regions of Russia announced the launch of the first project in the country to popularize modern local cuisine – Authentic Ural Cuisine. Their goal is to present ten unique views on the region and its traditions, as well as to promote the development of gastronomic tourism. 

Picture: Chelyabinsk Regional Website

Restaurateurs shared an old recipe for making elk lip, reports It was burned, wrapped in grass and buried. A bonfire was made from above, under the coals which were gradually cooling, the meat was cooked during all night. Then they dug up a lip and ate it.

In addition, the chefs prepared the ear from a sterlet with white roots; elk ribs smoked in coals and junipers and jyuasa dessert (a pastry fried in ghee with red cottage cheese and pickled berries).

In February, the project participants plan to cook dinner only with local products, in March they will present the spring menu of Authentic Ural Cuisine, and in May – organize the festival “Visimsky Picnic”.

Ru-Main, 25.01.2020

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