German Restaurant Announced Russian Visitors ‘Unwelcomed’

The restaurant in Bietigheim-Bissingen “Traube Bietigheim” has restricted entry for Russian citizens. The owner of the restaurant said that visitors with a Russian passport are not allowed to enter the restaurant. 

The owner admitted that ordinary citizens are not to blame for the government’s decisions, though, according to him, “it’s time to take some step.” He called it a contribution so that children could grow up in a “free Europe.” After that, the restaurant’s rating was brought down by angry reviews.

The owner wrote on the restaurant’s website that he would not let Russian guests in:

May be an image of one or more people and text that says '10:31 07245/6206 Besucher mit russischem Pass, sind bei uns im Haus unerwünscht. Es ist uns bewusst, dass der "normale" russische Staatsbürger keine Schuld an dem kriminellen Handeln der russischen Regierung trägt, es ist jedoch Zeit ein Zeichen zu setzen. Dies ist unser Beitrag, damit unsere Kinder in einem friedlichen Europa leben können. @traubebietigheim EUER ERNST? TRAUBE BIETIGHEIM @t BESUCHEN SIE UNS! Rheinstraße 34 76467 Bietigheim'

“Visitors with a Russian passport are not welcome in our restaurant. It is clear to us that ‘normal’ Russian citizens are not to blame for criminal decisions of the Russian government, but it is time to take some step. Restricting the entrance of Russian citizens to the restaurant is our contribution so that our children can grow up in a free Europe.”

After the owner announced his decision, the restaurant’s Google Maps page was flooded with angry reviews. The owner was accused of nazism and discrimination against the Russian-speaking population. Some of the users recalled the tolerance, the ideas of which they had previously adhered to in the restaurant.

Ru-Main, 01.03.2022
Source: SecretFirmy 

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