German Shepherd Helps Policemen in Kargat

Amelie is a German Shepherd working at the police office in Kargat. She often participates in the security and escort service and helps to bring criminals to the police station. The dog is supposed to work until December, and then will be retired, VN.RU reports.  

Picture: Novosibirsk Regional Website

According to the policeman, Dmitry Velichinsky, during the entire service, the shepherd helped find and apprehend criminals in seven serious cases. The dog receives her police “salary” as food. Together with Dmitry, they combine her favourite treat, the moment of a game, and the something that should be found.

A dog should be suitable for police service since its childhood. Puppies are tested in a kennel. If there is potential, then policemen continue to work with them. At first, they teach obedience, and closer to the year they teach to sniff drugs, explosives, and personal things. In the course of the service, a dog is checked more than once, and from time to time it is sent for two-week training camps and exercises, repeating all the material passed. It is noted that each year a dog passes official certification, that is, a test for professional suitability. After 8 years, a dog loses its instinct and decreases the level of endurance, then it should be retired.

Ru-Main, 25.06.2020

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