Gifts Sales Statistics in Novosibirsk

In 2021, the most popular present for February 23 were socks, underpants, and shaving foams. Thus, sales of shaving foam in the Novosibirsk region increased by almost 300 per cent, sales of socks increased by 121 per cent, sales of panties by 69 per cent, and shaving foam by 289 per cent, reports.   

Picture: AiF Website

Also among the popular traditional accessories are belts, sales of which in pieces by the beginning of the year increased by 152 per cent, ties (+187 per cent), and wallets (+173 per cent). In addition, shirts (+ 64 per cent) and sweets (+257 per cent) remain popular gifts for February 23. The leaders turned out to be chocolate in the shape of a Caspian roach.

According to men, not only socks and shaving foam, but also bouquets of fish and beer are considered not the most successful gifts for February 23. Among other presents that men would not like to receive coupons for sex, lottery tickets, pink toilet lids, and perfume “goodbye youth” were named.

Ru-Main, 21.02.2021

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