Google Maps Service Chose Most Beautiful Places of Russia

In honour of the 15th anniversary of the Google Maps service, Google chose the 15 most picturesque places in Russia, Interfax Tourism reports. 

Picture: Moscow and St. Petersburg Website

Sevkabel Port is one of the most popular public spaces in St. Petersburg. Cafes and shops work here all year round, festivals and concerts are held. The Don River is also recognized as a picturesque place. On the embankment, you can see numerous cafes and monuments.

The top of the most beautiful places also included Shartash Stone Tents Rocks in Yekaterinburg, that are cliffs of an unusual shape near Lake Shartash, and the Stadium of the football club “Krasnodar” in the Krasnodar city.

In addition, on the list are the uninhabited Rybachy Peninsula in the Murmansk Region, washed by the waters of the Barents Sea, and Teletskoye Lake in Altai. Divers say that at the depths of the lake you can meet unusual species of fish and petrified relic trees.

Ru-Main, 22.02.2020

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