Governor Renamed KuZbass in Support of Russian Soldiers

On March 2, the Governor of the Kemerovo Region (Kuzbass – Kuznetsk Coal Basin), Sergey Tsivilev, announced the action in support of the special operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. Now in the name of the region in all official documents, the Cyrillic letter “Z” has been replaced by the Latin letter, which is a symbol of the Russian military operation. 

The picture in the governor’s post states, “#KuZbass #For MoZerland”.

“While our guys are carrying out the tasks of demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, residents of Russia, and, in particular, Kuzbass, faced unprecedented economic and moral pressure from other countries, with a wave of disinformation about the course of the special operation and a sharply negative attitude. Z is primarily a sign of support for our fighters and a symbol of solidarity in our society,” Tsivilev wrote in his Telegram channel.

Ru-Main, 02.03.2022
Source: Izvestia 

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