Graffiti With Russian Actor Appeared in Kazan

The graffiti with a famous Russian actor, Sergei Bodrov, in the image of Danila Bagrov from the films “Brother” and “Brother 2” appeared in Kazan, KazanFirst reported. The drawing is on the wall of the concrete goods plant on the Kauchukova St, 7a. 

Picture: Kazan Regional Website

The new graffiti in Kazan is complemented by famous phrases from the film “What is the power, brother? Power is the truth!”. This one and other his phrases from the cult film are now recognizable in every Russian family. The full phrase sounds like:

“Tell me, American, what is the power? Is it money? So the brother says, that it’s money. You have a lot of money, so what? Now I think that power is the truth. Whoever has the truth is stronger. So you deceived someone, made money, and what, have you become stronger? No, you didn’t! Because there is no truth for you! And the one whom you deceived owns the truth. So he is stronger. Right?”

Among other famous phrases of the film character are also “- Are you gangsters? – No, we are Russians!” and “Everything is possible if you are responsible for it”.

It is noted that in 2003, Sergei with his film group went to the mountains of North Ossetia. At 8 pm, when the group returned to the city, the glacier began to descend. All the film crew, headed by Sergei, died.

Ru-Main, 16.07.2020

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