Half-naked Pensioner Performs Pole Dance [Video]

The 65-year-old cleaning lady from the supermarket became a pylon star. Pensioner Svetlana Miroshkina lost 25 kg and is going to find a soul mate in the show “Let’s get married”. 

“At the pylon, I feel like a real woman. I have such cool positive feelings! I feel beautiful, cheerful, confident. I come here completely different. Few people recognize me on the street. Even my friend says – when you are at the pylon, you are different,” says Svetlana.

The popularity came to Svetlana thanks to television: the show on one of the federal channels made a real star out of an acrobat pensioner. People began to recognize the woman on the street, asking to take a picture, young girls shake hands, reports VN.RU.

Ru-Main, 03.01.2020 

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