Omsk Citizens Take Part in Unique Theatre Performance by Phone

To participate in the performance, you need to register on the theatre’s website, choose a convenient time, and 10 minutes before the start of a performance, a script will be sent to your mail where your cues are written, but you can’t read them in advance. It is advised to wait for the call from an actor and only then start reading your remarks, reports.  

Picture: Omsk Regional Website

The playwright, Elina Petrova, and director, Boris Pavlovich, came up with this unusual format. In the play “Allo” (“Hello”), a viewer is invited to choose a name for his hero, read a number of lines written for him that allow him to move the plot, and also say something from time to time. But the focus of attention is still not on what a person is broadcasting, but on his perception, thoughts and feelings.

 “Theatre is a therapeutic thing. For example, I believe that there is no non-psychological theatre since the specificity of a theatre is that a performance always takes place in the mind of a viewer,” the director said.

In total, 15 actresses are engaged in the performance, and as they all live in different cities of Russia, they can make calls only through WhatsApp. According to Boris, a viewer in performance does not become an actor. An actor is the one who introduces a dramatic situation on behalf of a theatre, and a viewer is the one who perceives this proposal and somehow reacts to it. The director considers the theatre’s impact to be exclusively aesthetic.

Ru-Main, 22.05.2020

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