Hockey Players Arrange Tournament in Memory of First World Champion

On September 12, the Amateur Hockey Association at the CSKA Arena ice palace will hold commemorative events dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the first world ice hockey champion Pavel Zhiburtovich, reports.  

It is noted that on this day, a festive match will take place and an exhibition will await visitors at the Hockey Museum, where unique exhibits from the personal and sports life of Zhiburtovich will be presented.

“We want children to know more about our sports veterans, and not about foreign ones. After all, we have a great history and great people,” the President of the Amateur Hockey Association, Alina Borodaeva, said.

It is also promised that the hockey legends Aleksander Yakushev, Sergey Svetlov, Ivan Mulin, Aleksander Mostovoy, and Igor Larionov will play with the top management of Dynamo-21 and Dynamo-24.

Ru-Main, 31.08.2020 

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