How to Safely Take Ice Plunge at Epiphany

In order not to get sick after diving into the ice hole at Epiphany, doctors advise people to prepare for the event in advance. A few days before Epiphany, it’s better to start to pour cold water over oneself at home. This way a body will get prepared to bear the extreme load of ice plunge.  

To take an ice plunge, one should think in advance of many different things. First of all, psychological readiness is needed, as ice diving is a serious stress for a body. That is why one should prepare warm, comfortable clothes and shoes, a big towel, and healthy nutrition before going to a bathing site, and do warming exercises before diving.

Alcohol in the blood significantly slows down the warming of the body after plunge, so it is not recommended to take alcohol before bathing. To avoid reflex narrowing of the vessels of the brain, the head should not be wet. It is not recommended to be in the hole for more than one minute in order to avoid general hypothermia of the body.

Diving into the ice hole is strictly contraindicated in a number of diseases. If a person has a heart condition, diabetes or kidney disease, he should forget about diving. Also, with increased pressure, there is a risk of vasospasm, and in the worst case, a stroke; low pressure can lead to loss of consciousness.

Ru-Main, 18.01.2020

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