HR Experts Told How Coronavirus Crisis Changed Russian Labour Market

The specialists of the job search service summed up the changes in the Russian labour market during the crisis provoked by the coronavirus. Experts have found out that in 2021, 47 per cent of Russians plan to change their profession. 

Russian companies that are faced the high-volume hiring are working to accelerate the adaptation of new employees with elements of retraining. In addition, Russian recruiters began to actively use chatbots, adapt new employees using smartphone applications, and introduce programmes to automate personnel management.

The experts concluded that telecommuting has become a more familiar format for Russians. Thus, 38 per cent of Russian residents who tried to work remotely during the year felt ready to work remotely forever. Also, it is noted that Russians have become more likely to give preference to work that is closer to their home, and the number of those who are ready to move is declining (in January-February 2021, the share of CVs belonging to those who are ready to move amounted to only 9 per cent throughout Russia).

It is specified that from March 2020 to February 2021, the most active hiring was carried out by employers from the spheres of transport and logistics, manufacturing and agriculture, trade, office and business services, construction and real estate, as well as in the service sector. Most of the new CVs from in the above mentioned period were created in the office and business services industry (the vacancies of a driver, security guard, operator, administrator, and courier).

According to the experts, one of the responses of the Russian labour market to the coronavirus crisis has been a shift in focus from place to the purpose of work. The employers were convinced that it is not so important where their employees are, as the result of their work is what really matters. So, the switch to remote work and a hybrid employment format became a way out of the current situation for the labour market (30 per cent of Russians continue to work remotely a year after the introduction of restrictions in the country).

Ru-Main, 01.05.2021 

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