Husky Races Near Samara Arena

On December 30, the territory near the stadium “Samara Arena” was full of spectators who came to watch the dog sled races. Competitions unfolded between Siberian huskies and Samoyed huskies.  

Picture: Samara Regional Website

Husky is an indigenous sled dog of the Far East, one of the oldest dog breeds. Now it is not only a sled dog, but also a companion dog. Samoyed husky is a snow-white, fluffy dog ​​whose birthplace is north. It has natural beauty and a friendly character, according to the breeders.

After the races, everyone had the opportunity to pet the fluffy athletes and take a joint photo. Sports stars are already accustomed to such attention, as every January in Samara there are Christmas dog sled races held.

Ru-Main, 31.12.2019

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