IFV Races Took Place in Novosibirsk Akademic Town [Video]

As part of the international competition “Excellence in Military Intelligence” mechanics-drivers of armored infantry vehicles competed in speed. At the tank training ground of the Novosibirsk Higher Military Command School, scouts performed various exercises. 

The main event of the day was the IFV (BMP) races. Drivers must cover a 15-kilometre track. On the way, the vehicle faced many obstacles, such as ditches and artificial hills. However, the teams from different countries supported not only their compatriots but also the others. According to preliminary results, the Russian, Andrey Shestukhin, passed the tankodrome faster than others. Moreover, he now holds a new record for international intelligence games. It is specified that the Russian team is followed by the scouts of the Republic of Belarus and Uzbekistan.

Ru-Main, 28.08.2020 

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