Igor Meets Guests: Chelyabinsk New Terminal Welcomes Passengers

Today, the new terminal of the Chelyabinsk airport received the first passengers.

The historic flight landed in the Southern Urals at 11:20. Now, after the opening of an ultramodern air complex, the Chelyabinsk air harbour will be able to receive almost four million passengers a year.

Spacious business lounges, escalators and transporters everywhere, 20 check-in desks. 900 people can be accommodated here per hour. Passengers admitted the airport admiringly: they flew away from Chelyabinsk but returned as if to another country. Warm aircraft gangways lead straight from the plane to the terminal building.

And here is the same Igor. The hero is socialist labour, the father of the domestic nuclear industry. Bronze Igor Kurchatov, in honour of whom the terminal is named, meets and escorts all guests of the air harbour. Up to two and a half million of them per year will have an opportunity to use the new airport.

The maximum passenger traffic in the new terminal is expected in June next year. But large-scale reconstruction of the air gates of Chelyabinsk will continue afterwards, the program is designed for 10 years. First of all, in 2020 they plan to repair the old Chelyabinsk airport and update the airfield.

Ru-Main, 27.11.2019, Picture: Chelyabinsk regional Website

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