Immortal Regiment Action in Rostov Held on Combine Harvesters

In the Rostov region, the Immortal Regiment action, which is annually held in honour of the Great Patriotic War participants, was held in an unusual format. The action was timed to coincide with the end of the harvest, the Rostov Region Government official VK-Page reported. In the middle of the field, 15 combines, on the sides of which there were about 230 photographs of front-line soldiers, went in a column.  

It is noted that for the war veterans, one of the oldest and leading agricultural enterprises in the region, the Collective Farm named after Shaumyan, has introduced additional pensions, as well as free food packages.

It is also specified that each year, the farm allocates more than 25 million rubles to finance unique social programmes of collective farm workers and their children.

In general, in the Rostov region, the harvest of grain crops is reaching the finish line, almost 82% of the area has been harvested, the gross harvest has already exceeded 9.3 million tons with a yield of 34.1 c/ha.

Ru-Main, 24.07.2020, Pictures: Rostov Region Government VK-Page 

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