New Japanese Films in Russia

From December 12 to 23, new Japanese films will be shown in the Rodina cinema as part of the annual digest. 

They will begin on December 12 at seven in the evening with “Masquerade Hotel”, a detective whose main character solves the puzzles that the criminal leaves for him.

At the same time on Friday, the festival will continue with “Confession of an inferior man”, a biography of the writer Osamu Dazai, a cursed poet whose life was full of suffering and rebellion.

On Saturday they will show “Dance with Me”, a musical where the main character was forced to sing and dance with hypnosis all the time, and now she is tormented.

Entrance to the opening of the Festival is free, by registration. Look for the full schedule of shows on the cinema website.

Ru-Main, 12.12.2019

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