Increasing Production in Construction Industry

Togliatti construction company (“Azotremstroy”) became the first member of the national project “Labor productivity and employment support” in the Samara region.

Thanks to this, the principles of lean production will be introduced in this company and its partners – representatives of small and medium businesses. Participation in the national project will ensure the company’s output growth by almost a quarter and will reduce labour costs by half.

Only large and medium enterprises with a revenue of at least 400 million rubles can become a participant in the national project. The operation of lean manufacturing mechanisms will primarily affect the duration of the production cycle and the financial performance of subcontractors.

To take part in the national project, the company must apply through the Internet portal. After a week, a decision is made to enter the enterprise with selection. After inspecting the production site, the final decision is made to include the enterprise in the national project. And then a team of experts experienced in implementing the principles of lean manufacturing develop a project to increase labour productivity for the particular enterprise.

Currently, 85 Samara enterprises have already applied for participation in the national project. Seven Samara experts completed a training course, three of them will soon complete an internship. Now, pilot projects are being implemented at eight local enterprises from various fields of non-resource sectors of the economy.

In November, the subtotals of the national project will be summed up, to ensure the growth of labour productivity in medium and large enterprises at least for five per cent annually until 2024. In the future, effective participation in the national project allows companies to count on receiving a soft loan from the Federal Industrial Development Fund at one per cent per annum for five years – up to 300 million rubles.

Ru-Main, 18.11.2019

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