Innovative Trains to Appear in St. Petersburg Metro

The innovative Smart carriage was developed for the St. Petersburg metro. It is planned that trains with such carriages will go to the red metro line in early 2022, according to the vice-governor of the city, Maxim Sokolov, on his VK-Page.   

The designers of ‘Transmashholding’ were working on the creation of a technologically advanced carriage model and managed to design a smart window that broadcasts video onto the transparent glass. Also in the salons, they plan to place USB sockets, Wi-Fi modules, as well as an over-door scoreboard with a running line, an interactive metro map, and screens for broadcasting entertainment and information programmes.

Passengers with limited mobility and parents with strollers in such carriages will be provided with special seats. The interior of the carriage will be more spacious, and it will be easier to enter it thanks to the extended door mechanisms. In addition, it is planned to use lighting that changes during the day, so that it will turn to cold tints in the morning and warm shades in the evening.

The driver’s cab will be equipped with modern train controls, a microclimate system and an ergonomic control panel. It is noted that there will be an assistance system that will monitor the health of a driver, and a special programme that will help reduce noise in the cab.

Ru-Main, 20.02.2021, Pictures: Maxim Sokolov’s VK-Page 

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