International Choirs Festival-Competition to Be Held in Leningrad Region

The Artistic Director of the choral festival of the Leningrad Region, Mikhail Golikov, and the Artistic Director of the German company that organizes international choral events, Interkultur, signed an agreement to hold an international festival competition of choirs in the Leningrad Region in 2023, TASS reports. 

Picture: St. Petersburg Academic Philharmonia

“Today we have signed an agreement with Interkultur, which is almost a monopoly in the organization of major choral events in the world, an agreement on the joint organization and holding of an international festival-competition in 2023 in the Leningrad region. The opening of the festival will take place in the Ivangorod fortress, built in the XV century,” Golikov said.

It is noted that concerts of choirs will be held in different cities of the region. The final of the competition and gala concerts will also be held in the Ivangorod Fortress. According to Golikov, one of the important events as part of the festival competition will be the performance of artists on the Friendship Bridge, which is the border of Estonia and Russia.

This will be the first event that the company organizes in Russia. According to Golikov, the negotiations began two years ago, when it was planned to hold the event in 2021, but the situation with the coronavirus pandemic changed these plans.

Ru-Main, 01.09.2021 

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