Iran Expressed Readiness to Supply Goods to Russia

Iran is ready to saturate the Russian market with the necessary goods, from building materials to high-tech products, as said by the Head of the Russian Export Center Veronika Nikishina.  

Picture: Al Jazeera

“The Iranian partners are ready to negotiate with Russian entrepreneurs and supply a lot of their goods — from construction and finishing materials to serious high-tech products,” Nikishina said.

She recalled that a few years ago, Russia signed a temporary free trade agreement with Iran – “this was the first step towards preferential convergence of our markets.”

“Now it is more relevant than ever, because in the conditions of more than 40 years of life under sanctions, Iran has learned to do a lot on its own. However, there is a certain information vacuum in Russia regarding what is produced in Iran and what they can saturate our market with,” the head of the Russian Export Center noted.

Nikishina added that Russia considers Iran one of the most promising partners for the development of export-import relations.

Ru-Main, 26.05.2022
Source: RIA Novosti 

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