Jennifer Lopez Double Found in Chelyabinsk

The British tabloid was interested in a resident of Chelyabinsk. They saw a double of Jennifer Lopez in a girl, the correspondent of the site reports.  

English tabloid The Sun wrote about a girl with an unusual appearance. They saw an almost perfect resemblance to a Latin American pop singer. The fact that between her and the real Jay Lo there is a difference in age of three dozen years (a Chelyabinsk student is 19) seemed amusing.

“It’s amazing that people mistake me for a woman of 50 years old, although I’m not even 20. She’s Jennifer Lopez, who doesn’t look her age, so I consider it a compliment,” responds the girl.

According to the Chelyabinsk model, she is regularly confused with a celebrity, by people who do not understand how Jennifer Lopez ended up in Chelyabinsk and ask to take a selfie or give an autograph. Similar requests are made by professional photographers who want to replenish the portfolio with star images.

Ru-Main, 29.12.2019, Pictures: Chelyabinsk Regional Website 

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