Job Search Experts Named Most Popular Professions Among Russian Youth

Young Russians aged 18 to 23 are most often interested in the profession of a waiter (90 per cent of applicants), according to the results of a study conducted by the specialists of the job search service, Prime reports. 

The top three also includes the profession of a barista (74 per cent) and a promoter (70 per cent). It is also noted that 67 per cent of applicants would like to work as a hostess in hotels and catering establishments.

Among other popular professions in Russia, there is the profession of a consultant (58 per cent of CVs), a weekend cashier (57 per cent), a bartender (55 per cent), and an underwriter, that is a specialist in issuing loans or issuing insurance policies (43 per cent).

The director of personnel and organizational development of the service, Yulia Sanina, explained that such a choice of professions is associated with the desire of young people to combine work with study or find a temporary job.

Ru-Main, 11.09.2020 

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