Jogging with Baby Carriage: Samara Residents Held a Run on Kuibyshev Square

On the first day of 2020, an unusual race took place in Samara. On Kuibyshev Square, a “Race of Promises” took place. Newborns went along with adults.  

“Anybody can run a distance of 2020 meters. There are no winners and losers, there is no better time,” the organizers explained.

They even came to Kuibyshev Square in costumes of the symbol of the year – rats. Before the start of the race, all participants received signs. Athletes wrote promises on them considering what they want to fulfil in 2020. The goals for the next year were different: someone is planning to get married or change jobs. Other participants set themselves the task of conquering other marathons, including international ones, reports 63.RU.

Some citizens not only came to the race “in full parade”, but also brought with them the whole family and even pets.

Ru-Main, 01.01.2020, Pictures: Samara Regional Website 

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