Joker Stairs Bring Fame to Shushary Metro Station [Video]

The Shushary metro station, which according to statistics is still the most unclaimed in the entire St. Petersburg metro, has attracted the attention of the character named Joker. The dance of this character turned an unremarkable staircase in the Bronx into a popular attraction. 

Shushary metro station is part of the Frunze radius. It was opened in October 2019 from the second attempt. Various shortcomings at three new stations continued to be eliminated after passengers began to use them.

Perhaps the Joker phenomenon will also help Shushary station to attract new passengers and tourists. The design of the lobby completely matches the area – the station was built in the industrial zone: there are panoramic windows behind which unfolds an anthropogenic landscape.

Ru-Main, 10.12.2019 

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