Joseph Brodsky Museum in St. Petersburg Opens Doors after Renovation

Joseph Brodsky Museum in St. Petersburg starts inviting visitors from February 1. The museum is ready to reopen its doors after renovation. The plan of “Room and a Half” is painted on the wall at the entrance, as it became the logo of the museum.  

The private museum of Joseph Brodsky in the St. Petersburg Muruzi House opens its doors to visitors. “Room and a Half” start running even before the renovation is completed in the poet’s apartment. During 2020, guests will be able to see how the room is changing with their own eyes.

Visitors can see the new space of the museum: stoves, stucco moulding and antique brick. The former apartment of 200 square meters turned into a suite, on both ends limited by mirrors. Brick walls and white ceilings, plywood floors. Here guests can read or work with laptops, as well as relax in armchairs by the fireplace.

Guests can also see the room with a bay window, where the poet’s neighbours lived. Now the room contains photographs of Brodsky’s American office from his last apartment in Brooklyn. On the wall of a large room, they show a video where Brodsky reads “Room and a Half” in Venice, against the backdrop of the island of San Michele. In 1997, the Nobeliate was buried there.

The museum team emphasizes that all decisions that the first guests will see are temporary. More details can be found on Instagram-Page of the Museum.

Ru-Main, 28.01.2020

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