Kazakhstan to Create Headquarters on Regulation of Migration From Russia

The authorities of the Pavlodar region of Kazakhstan, which is a border region with Russia, will create special headquarters to organize the flow of arrivals from the Russian Federation, as stated by the head of the regional administration Abylkair Skakov. 

Picture: Kazakhstan news

“It is important to take measures to stabilize the situation in the real estate market. The Police Department and the Department of State Revenue in the Pavlodar region need to develop an algorithm to ensure law and order and security in the region, as well as timely registration of visiting Russians. I instruct akims [heads of administrations] of cities and districts to create headquarters to regulate the flow of migrants,” he said at a meeting of the regional operational headquarters on migration issues.

According to the Head of the Department of the Border Service of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan, Gani Bekmurzayev, from September 21 to 26, about 35 thousand people passed through the border crossing points with Russia in the Pavlodar region. Among them are 13 thousand Russian citizens.

And while in Kazakhstan, after the entry of 13,000 Russians, they just decided to open control points and organize migrant control headquarters, Latvia panics from 50 people who expressed a desire to cross its border. The website of the Latvian authorities claims that since 57 Russians wanted to cross the Latvian border from September 19 to 27 (and were refused to cross it), a state of emergency is declared in the border areas of the country.

“There is a risk that the number of illegal migrants could increase rapidly on the Latvian-Russian border as well. The purpose of emergency measures is to preemptively prepare for it,” the authorities claimed.

Ru-Main, 28.09.2022
Source: TASS 

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