Kazan Cars Checked for Carbon Dioxide Content

In Kazan, the environmentalists and employees of the State Traffic Inspectorate are jointly checking cars for the content of carbon dioxide in the exhaust. If the toxicity standard is exceeded, the car owner is fined 500 rubles, KazanFirst reports. 

This action was named “Clean Air”. According to the experts, over two years, the number of pollutant emissions decreased by 0.3 per cent. Old-model cars of ecological class Euro-2, Euro-1, and Euro-0 are believed to be of higher risk. To detect a deviation from the norm, the colour of the exhaust gases should be checked. If it has a blue tint, then it is necessary to contact a specialist to fix the problem.

The action has been held in Tatarstan since 1983, on the main highways and checkpoints this year it will last until September 30. It is specified that inspectors have checked a total of about 270 vehicles since the start of the action, and the violations were found in 15 of them, KazanFirst reported. An increased level of carbon monoxide in the exhaust pipes was recorded mostly in domestic cars produced before 2013.

Ru-Main, 29.07.2020

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