Kazan Flat Got Into Top List of Most Expensive in Russia

A one-room flat in the “Barcelona” Kazan residential complex was included in the top 10 most expensive one-room flats in Russia, according to a study conducted by specialists from the CIAN company which collects a database of ads for rent and sale of real estate, KazanFirst reports.  

Picture: CIAN Real Estate Ads Website

The authors of the rating specified that Kazan was the only city with a population of over one million in this list and it took seventh place in it. A flat on Peterburgskaya Street is being sold for 11.5 million rubles. Its area is 53.4 square metres, and the real cost of the object is estimated at 7.9 million rubles.

It is noted that the most expensive one-room flat in Russia turned out to be the flat of 60 square metres in Krasnogorsk. They sell it for 17.9 million rubles there. The second on the list was Sevastopol, where a flat with an area of ​​54.2 square metres is being sold for 16 million rubles. Krasnodar occupied the third place, where a flat of 66 square metres is sold for 14 million rubles.

Ru-Main, 04.02.2021 

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