Kazan Research Showed Most Popular Names Given to Newborns

In the departments of the registry office, the birth of 387 children is registered over the past week in Kazan, 224 boys and 163 girls, KazanFirst reports. 

The youngest parents are 18 years old. The age of the most mature mother is 46 years old, the most mature father is 49 years old. The minimum weight at birth was 2250 grams, and the maximum was 5070 grams.

The most popular names of the newborns this week were Amir, Mark, Timur, Amelia, Alexander, Artem, Arina, Karim, Sofia, Maryam. The rarest names for babies included Ignat, Radim, Atea, Safira, Ilzat, Fidan, Amal, Ustinya, Savely, Alita, Said, Virinea.

Ru-Main, 28.02.2020

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