Kazan Residents Chose Best Countries for Vacation Without Children

Turkey occupied a leading position in the top countries among the residents of Kazan, where they would like to go on vacation without their children (61 per cent of the total number of bookings falls on Kazan residents, according to the experts of the Aviasales service for air tickets search). 

The study results showed that the most popular destinations where Kazan residents would like to go on vacation without their children and with them are almost the same. The exceptions are Croatia and Serbia, where Tatarstan adults prefer to go alone. On the contrary, with children they most often fly to Egypt and Israel.

In addition to Turkey, the list of favourite countries of Kazan residents also includes Hungary (9 per cent), Cyprus (6 per cent), Georgia (4 per cent), the UAE (3 per cent), Greece (3 per cent), Montenegro (2 per cent), Croatia and Serbia (0.5 per cent each).

Most of their time Kazan residents spend in Serbia and the USA (12 days), as well as in the UAE (11 days). These are followed by Cyprus, Georgia, and Montenegro (10 days each), Hungary, Greece, and Croatia (8 days each). The shortest period of stay is recorded in Turkey (7 days).

Interestingly, an adult-only trip of Kazan residents usually lasts on average 2 days longer than a vacation time with children. It is noted that this autumn it is cheaper for adults to fly from Kazan to Turkey. A round-trip ticket for one person can be purchased for 8 thousand rubles, to Hungary for 9 thousand, to Greece for 20 thousand, and to Georgia for 21 thousand rubles.

Ru-Main, 06.10.2021
Source: KazanFirst 

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