Kazan Residents Ready for Part-Time Job to Make Large Purchase

The analysts of the Avito Raboty centre have found out that 25% of Kazan residents are looking for a part-time job if they need to make an expensive purchase. Most of all, these are young people (among Russians aged 18-24, this figure is 38%), KazanFirst reported. 

It is noted that 61% of the survey participants said they would save up for a large purchase from their salary at their main job, 25% would find a part-time job. The third most popular option is to ask for money from family members (17%). Least of all respondents are ready to take loans or microloans (14%) or borrow money from friends (7%).

Young people (18-24 years old) are also ready to save up for large purchases from their salaries (38%), 19% will use the help of relatives, and 3% will ask for help from their friends. Among respondents over 25 years old, no more than 25% are ready to earn extra money, but pensioners (over 55 years old) more often than others use loans and credits for large purchases.

It is specified that most of the participants (39%) said that they dream of buying large household appliances (refrigerator, stove, washing machine, etc.), in second place (32%) is the purchase of digital equipment (telephone, camera, etc.), and travels occupies the third place (15%).

Ru-Main, 22.07.2020

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